Going to UK Testing Thoughts

Following a dozen questions after yesterday's update, please see the following as it may or may not impact your travel plans in the coming months.

This is a researched but 'unofficial' tip sheet on extra steps needed to catch a match (matches) in UK right now:


Not vaccinated: 8-10 quarantine required. Period. In hotel (at your expense) and told the UK govt will call to make sure you are in the room. You must also do the same day 2 and day 8 testing as below (at your expense). Can be shortened to less than 8 days with repeated daily testing at your expense. All the testing at your expense. And then the required return to the US test (see below).

• Vaccinated: It can be done with multiple tests.

- Proof of vaccine required.

- Test within 48 hours prior to leaving US,... and get the results to your airline before you can board.

- Pre-book your UK testing

- Arrive in UK, test (at your expense) first 48 hours upon arrival

- If there 8 days, test again in UK (at your expense)

- Test within 72 hours of returning to US (at your expense) ... and get the results to your return airline

Potential timelines (rough estimates) with a vaccine:

-- 2 test trip: Weekend 3-4 day trip, you could do a trip is as few as 2 tests (pre US departure and then day 2 in UK which you also use to fulfill the US return requirement also).

-- 3 test trip: 5-10 day trip, at least 3 tests (as you might be able to double up the day 8 and return to US test).

-- 4 test trip: Longer than 10 days, 4 tests as you'll need another test after day 8 in UK.

And all this needs to be pre-scheduled at various sites around the UK. Be sure to do your homework.

Suggested UK web site: Looking for more info and how to pre-book (required) testing in the UK, the UK govt has a website that all airlines link here.

Heading to Europe during the trip: Add even more testing with each move. Right now every country seems to have varying rules and then you may trigger a fresh start of UK testing too.


At present,

• Chelsea are checking for vaccine status or a recent negative test at the entry gate.. so depending on spacing of your tests and vaccination status, you may then need to add another one if unvaccinated also.

• Chelsea are asking fans to be in seats 30 minutes prior to kick off as the lines can be long doing the entry checks. Otherwise you risk missing a good chunk of a 90 minute match.

This was posted by Chelsea FC on bag & COVID requirements on September 9th.

The rules vary widely from club to club so no set pattern for away matches in the UK.


The most recent word from Chelsea FC is that it is doubtful that there will be any 'away' "supporter group" tickets for Champions League group stage matches.

This could change at any moment but this is why we are unable to offer ticketing for the Champions League away legs presently. The latest trends and lock downs in the EU are not favorable yet some countries are throwing doors open. So, who knows? Chelsea are 'very sensitive' to the political ramifications and are attempting to cooperate with authorities in order to limit any additional home supporter restrictions.

Side note: Chelsea are very conservative on this stuff. Example: For the Sep 19 Tottenham away match, we only learned 'last week' that they would be offering away ticketing (just 30 days out). So if things change it is likely to be on short notice.


That's the "travel" update, as we know it, in response to numerous inquiries since yesterday's email.

We provide this info for your knowledge and consideration as Chelsea FC does NOT give refunds after tickets have been ordered & paid for due to COVID travel issues. A trip can be done but it takes planning.