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Have You Joined The Chelsea Supporters Trust Yet?

Chelsea in America, long time member and supporter of the Chelsea Supporters Trust, encourage all Chelsea FC supporters to join the CST as the 'fans' voice to Chelsea FC. Many of the CIA coalition Supporters Groups are also members.

It's just £5 to join as an individual.

Given the current upheaval within our club and the UK government, Chelsea Supporters Trust and the Chelsea Pitch Owners program are the TWO ways each Chelsea supporter can actively engage to protect the future of OUR club. To join the Chelsea Pitch Owners, click HERE. To purchase your Chelsea Pitch Owners 175 year share of the ground and CFC name, click HERE.

The Chelsea FC Supporters Trust aims to :-

  • Encourage the board of CFC to take into account the interests of all supporters (both UK and Overseas based) and of the local community (businesses, residents, local authorities etc) when making decisions that impact upon them;

  • To actively and professionally engage with all relevant stakeholders on matters of interest and concern to Chelsea supporters;

  • Act as an effective means of communication between club and supporters;

  • Work with Supporters Direct and other Supporters Trusts on club issues like ticket prices, kick-off times;

  • Work in partnership with existing supporters groups, websites, fanzine, podcasts etc. without detracting from their independence.

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