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Have you purchased your Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) share yet? You can protect the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium and the name Chelsea F.C. through at least 2196.

After last week's "clown show" regards the Greedy League idea, the CPO sold 300 overseas shares alone. Now is the time to contribute. Your purchase makes you a voting share holder (remember when Roman tried to relocated to Battersea a few years ago but was going to lose the vote) and enabled the CPO to pay the annual "lease fees" they owe for 199 years; set up in 1997 to protect Chelsea from any 'clown show' ideas to relocate or rename.

BETTER NEWS: Last week the CPO finally set up a way for overseas members to use PayPal to purchase a share. This is a big addition so we can pay online.

• Open the CPO shares form online

• Make appropriate PayPal payment (link on their electronic form)

• Send form (online) to

• Include photo copy of your ID with your address (or proof of address another way).

Details available on the CPO buy a share page.

Options start as low as £31 each... with additional options including printed shares, player signed prints or even an on field presentation during a match warm up.

Chelsea in America's Board strongly encourage supporters to consider purchasing a share. Your support helps protect Chelsea F.C. for another 175 years..

For more info, go to the Chelsea Pitch Owners website here.


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