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Member Update: Ticketing 2nd Half Season

November 3 Update:

• The CFC window to submit ticket requests for matches in calendar year 2021 has passed. Ticket orders are due approx 65 days before a match.

• If you do not have at least 5 of the needed 10 CFC loyalty points by now to purchase for big matches from Jan 1 through next August, it will be nearly impossible to acquire those points in time for matches this spring. You are too late.

• 2022 Matches requiring 10 loyalty points:

Jan 2 LIverpool, Jan 15 at Man City, Jan 22 Spurs, Feb 12 Arsenal, Feb 19 at Palace, May 14 at Man United and May 22 Watford

PLUS any home Champions League matches Feb-Apr

PLUS any 'big' matches in August or early Sept next season.

Please note: Chelsea in America's coalition of Chelsea Official Supporter Groups includes five with ticketing level CFC status for more than a decade. HOWEVER, American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree California, Mid Atlantic Blues and Southeast Blues ARE NOT ticket brokers. They are CFC supporter groups that are able to facilitate members with linked CFC accounts seeking to go to Stamford Bridge per CFC rules.

Last second memberships will not qualify to purchase tickets nor will the be refunded just to go to a match as the timing is not sufficient. We are not a ticket brokerage.


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