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Missing Emails from CIA in Gmail?

July 20, 2021

We've become aware some 2021-22 CIA members with gmail accounts have not been seeing the email updates, contests or ticketing news (for those with CFC memberships too).

Of course, gmail accounts also account for 70% of our total members. And, ironically, this even included the Club Secretary's sons account (which we are now using to troubleshoot options).

We sent and email today titled 20 for 2000 Contest. If you got that email then you should be good to go! If not, continue on...

WHERE TO LOOK FIRST: Gmail has changed some of their practices and business or contest type emails are now often sent to something called Categories in your list of folders.

From there, we have found some CIA emails in both Updates and Promotions (depending on the context of the email). See below where these emails may be hiding:

If you are looking for your CIA emails (should have received the 20 for 2000 Contest on Tuesday, July 20), we have a few suggestions:

1) Look under Categories or Spam (see above) and look in those sub folders. 2) Find them? (My son was receiving CIA emails in BOTH locations).

If yes, you found them in these other folders,

Now, open the email. Up top you should see an option to clarify the email is Not "Updates" or Not "Promotions".

Mark the email as Not 'Updates' or 'Promotion'. Mark each one you found to be safe.

ALTERNATE OPTIONS IF STILL MISSING EMAILS FROM CIA: If this you still have not been able to locate the email, we can try two other steps:

• Send a different email address for your account

• Email and identify EMAIL ISSUE. We'll respond back and hopefully that will reset the gmail security to accept all correspondence going forward.

Sorry for the headache. We are on a new email provider (far better functionality) and it appears some people (not all) are getting caught with somewhat tighter security settings. We hope this begins to sort the issues some members are having.


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