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Summer Tour Update - Plans Developing

May 5 update:

Chelsea FC and the five tour stop host supporter groups held a meeting today to determine direction for each stop. Much more to come but here's what we know? Chapel Hill vs Wrexham the world's greatest ever football club per ESPN: The RDU Blues will be organizing and hosting the events along with CFC. Their bar is the My Way Tavern in Raleigh as is most everything else to do in the area as Chapel Hill is secluded. More to follow. Philly v Brighton: Our friends with the non-CIA Philly Blues will be coordinating events for this stop and have extended invitation to all Chelsea supporters. More to follow. Atlanta v Newcastle: The Georgia Blues & non-CIA Atlanta Blues are teaming up moving forward at Fado's in Buckhead (very posh area of Atlanta). The stadium is downtown but most activities likely to be out in Buckhead pending CFC plans. More to follow. Landover/DC v Fulham: The Beltway Blues will be hosting with plans pending as they are temporarily displaced from their Arlington area pub following a fire. Fed Ex Field is 40 min by car & 1:05 by train (with some walking) from central DC; very much like being remote in Boston. Not much in Landover so DC area is suggested pending CFC activities. More to follow. Chicago v Borussia Dortmund: Chelsea Chicago are typically located at their pub, Greystone, in Wrigleyville but much more to follow as the coordinate with CFC activities and other pubs to handle the crowd size. Fairly simple 45 min tube ride with some walking. More to follow. As the specifics for the CFC and host supporters events the night before and day of each game come together, we will share.


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