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Tales From Porto: Part One

We're please to offer honorary Chelsea in America member Chris Axon's continuing blog as he continues his travels as a home and away Chelsea supporter for 40 years. Give it a read. Today's installment.. part one... the trip to Porto.

"There were already masses of Chelsea folk in the departure area. I joined the queue. “Hellos” to a few faces – Luke, Aroha, Doreen – then John and Maureen, all on the same 0700 flight. But familiar faces were in short supply. I hardly recognised anyone. To my chagrin, a few were sporting the 2021/22 Zig Zag monstrosity. I was eternally grateful the club chose not to repeat wearing it for this final. Another good decision, Chelsea. This will have to stop; you’ll be ruining your reputation. Many lads chose the bum bag option. Many were in shorts. The usual assortment of Stone Island patches, Lacoste, Gant, Ralph, CP, Adidas trainers a-go-go. But there was a proper mix; more replica shirts than usual for a European trip."

To read Chris' full blog on the trip to Porto, click here.


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