Welcome to the US Summer Tour area of the website.
The CFC Summer Tour Matches are Official

Click on the match you know you’ll be going to. What you will see in front of you is a lot of information pertaining to each CFC Summer Tour stop. This information is to help you on your journey Blues Traveler. Not all the information is listed, but as we know what’s for sure going to happen, then Chelsea in America will have it posted for you to see. Please keep checking periodically as the CFC Summer Tour is only days away. Cheers!

July 18th Chelsea FC v Seattle Sounders
July 22nd Chelsea FC v Paris St. Germain
July 25th Chelsea FC v MLS All-Stars
July 28th Chelsea FC v AC Milan

Chelsea nor the Chelsea Megastore USA will be selling merchandise at the venues, as that is licensed through the stadiums to a local vendor. I would not expect much. Chelsea nor the Megastore have any control on the assortment of merchandise these vendors will sell.

If you have a spare, or if you are looking for a spare. My best suggestion, post to facebook or twitter, or just be there on the day as there always seems to be people with tickets to sell and looking for tickets. NYC and Philly are problematic as they have both sold out and there are a lot of people looking. If you sell your spares on, please be sure to let me know so that we change the name that is picking them up. Without notice tickets will only be released to the person that bought them, and to anyone they listed as part of their group. NO EXCEPTIONS, unless you have contacted us to make arrangements.

I know that most of the pubs will be doing specials for the tour, be sure to ask

If you arrive on the day and decide at the last minute that you need a ticket for the buses to the stadiums, you could be out of luck. In NYC, Legends is planning the buses, and they could be sold out. Our requests have been submitted. In Philly, Tir Na Nog is doing the bus, same applies. In Miami we are doing the bus, and if there is room we will have spares, if not you are on your own. Tickets for the buses in Miami and Philly will come down Friday night.

Are you BLUE with envy of the atmosphere in London?

Well bring that atmosphere home in the US for the Chelsea Football Club Summer Tour. It’s never a bad time to refresh your memory of the MANY Chelsea songs that have been sung in our illustrious ‘istory! For those that are new to the club, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the songs as they are a big part of the beautiful game we all love!

Chelsea Football Songs and Chants

Chelsea Terrace Chants and Songs

We can make the boys feel at home, even when they are thousands of miles away from it!

Wherever you may be
We are the Famous CFC
and we don’t give a F
whoever you may be
cos we are the Famous CFC


Have you ever wondered how Chelsea in America gets all its work done? Its from the help of people like you! Have you ever said to yourself that you wish you could help Chelsea in America? Well Chelsea in America needs YOU to help out on this years Chelsea FC Summer Tour. You would be at the pub in each city for a couple of hours. The number of people and times we need are listed below. Please e-mail [email protected] if you would like to volunteer at any CFC Summer Tour destination.

Any and all help will be appreciated!

1 person for 3-5:30 pm on the 17th
2 people for 9:30-12 pm on the 18th

New York City
No Volunteers are needed

1 person for 7-10 pm on the 23rd
1 person for 3-5 pm on the 24th
1 person for 12-3:30pm on the 25th

We need LOTS of help in Miami
2 people for 7-10 pm on the 26th
3 people for 12-3 pm on the 27th
2 people for 3-5 pm on the 27th
4 people for 9-12 pm on the 27th
3 people for 12-2:30 pm on the 28th
3 people 9-12 pm on the 28th