Welcome to the US Summer Tour area of the website.  Summer Tour 2012 Dates have been confirmed as:

18th July    Seattle Sounders vs Chelsea at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA
22nd July   Paris St Germain at Yankee Stadium, NYC
25th July    MLS All-Stars v Chelsea FC at PPL Park in Chester, PA
28th July    Chelsea vs AC Milan at Sun Life Stadium in Miami

** Please click this link for URGENT TOUR TICKET NEWS **

Please note that while Chelsea have published a “sign up for summer tour information” sign-up page on the official Chelsea website, this will *not* give you all the events and happenings being planned by CIA.  Stay tuned to all the CIA social media outlets for CIA event information, *including* match tickets!

We are busy preparing a set of pages that will hopefully provide you with a rich set of information about the summer tour, specifically with respect to anything CIA is involved in or is planning.  This will include, but not be limited to things like:

  • Ticketing
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • “Chelsea Pub”
  • Match day events and plans
  • A range of exciting events in each venue city for both the general public and exclusively for CIA members
  • A whole host of other information around the tour

We strongly recommend you not booking match tickets or hotel rooms until you hear from us.

In the past CIA has arranged special match ticket deals that not only give you a great price but also guarantee that you will be sitting with your blue brothers and sisters for each game.  Trust me when I say you do *not* want to get caught in the wrong part of the stadium; you will never forgive yourself!

With respect to hotel rooms, CIA has in the past been able to secure some great rates which not only means we will help your pocket, but you will be in the same hotel as your blue brothers and sisters.  See a pattern emerging here? 😉

So, “watch this space” as they say, and watch your inbox/Twitter/Facebook for news, very soon we hope.

In the mean time keep those positive vibes crossing the Atlantic to the boys.  While we can’t win the Premiership this season, as Spy will be quick to remind you, “Two is still a possibility!”

Chelsea in America