So you want to go to Stamford Bridge or see the team during the regular season? Here is what you need to know.

First of all our home for more than 100 years is a wonderful stadium, and has seen many amazing days and nights that fill our Chelsea history. But it is not large, it is an intimate and wonderful stadium that holds about 42,000. We have a large fan base including about 25,000 or more season ticket holders, when you subtract that from the seats available, as well as those that Chelsea holds for sponsors and all of those “special people” and then add in that there are over 100,000 active members you can see the issue of why a ticket at Stamford Bridge is a “hot ticket”. But there is a way of getting seats, and if you follow the rules it is relatively easy.

Become a Member

First of all, you need to be a member of an official supporters club, Chelsea in America is a official platinum supporters club this season, so joining us qualifies you for that. However, Chelsea requires our members to be residents of the United States, we cannot accept members that are outside of the US. So do you have your membership? If not, sign up here to become a member.

Get True Blue International

Second of all, Chelsea requires from us, that we are allowed only ONE ticket per True Blue member per match. So if you and your partner want to go, you both need to be CIA members and you both need to get a True Blue member. Same goes if you want the whole family to go, one supporters club membership and one True Blue membership. You can find the link for getting a True Blue International membership on the official Chelsea FC website, and there is a concession membership for under 16s.

Send us a Message with your True Blue information

Once you have your receipt for your True Blue purchase, you will get an email. The second set of numbers on the subject line, is your True Blue member number. You need to send that to us at [email protected] to update your file with your name and if you are doing this for multiple people, one email is fine. If you get your True Blue membership number for this season prior to becoming a CIA member there is a place to check that you are True Blue and a place to enter your number. It is up to you to make sure this gets done.

Once we have your number we will report it to Chelsea (we send reports each week). And you will get an email* from us with details on being a True Blue with us (*if you have not marked us as a safe sender in your email program, see instructions here). Chelsea will then validate your True Blue membership and tell us you are OK, if your address on your True Blue is out of the country, you will be kicked out of our system. If you did not get an email and reported your True Blue membership (and please give us at least a week to 10 days) then contact your region/chapter head.

Look out for our Email

On the email you receive from us as a True Blue member, it has a lot of information (a lot of this is a repeat of that email) that describes the process, but it will also have a hidden page for where you order tickets, THAT IS AN IMPORTANT PAGE TO KEEP. We change the page each season, so if you book marked it last season, it won’t work this season.

The first thing you want to do is go in and register on that shopping cart. It is not the same shopping cart as the CIA Megastore because it is for True Blue members only. That way when your time to order tickets comes you are all ready.

Ordering your Ticket(s)

We only put on the ticket page the appropriate matches. You will have an option for different seat preferences. The East Lower family section, IS NOW FOR ADULTS AND JUVENILES UNDER 18. There is no beer in that part of the stadium, and absolutely no foul language. The West Upper is a nicer seat, and has heaters in the roof, but there is a serious lack of singing in that section, so if you are one to prefer to sit and watch I would recommend those seats. The Shed is where if you want to sing you can, and I ask that you also know that those around you will be singing. If you don’t like the lyrics to our song loudly in your ear, sit in the East Family section or the West Upper. Understand it is not about the view, it is about the support. Also we cannot request Shed Upper vs Shed Lower, we get what we get in the Shed. The ticket window for a regular match will open 60-75 days prior to the match and will close 30-45 days prior to the match, and then that is it, we cannot request further tickets. When you order your tickets on the CIA ticket page, IT DOES NOT GO IMMEDIATELY TO CHELSEA. It comes to us, so that we can collect all the ticket requests and then submit them on the day they are due to Chelsea. That is the day after we close the ticket window. We will not know your seat or anything until after we send them in to Chelsea and they review them and send us back the confirmation, which normally takes about a week. When we get that, we will let you know two things, one where your seat is and then shortly thereafter what your balance is on the ticket purchase. Now there are some matches that this window does not work right, because there are draws for matches, like the Carling, FA, and Champions League, we put the matches up as soon as we have the draw info from Chelsea. And generally those windows are a couple of days to a week only. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STAY TUNED FOR MATCHES YOU WANT, we do not send reminders.

Additional Useful Information

  1. We are charged in British Sterling (pounds) for tickets, because of the ever changing exchange rates, and because we don’t get pricing for away matches, we try to error on getting you a refund, rather than having to ask you for more money. If you don’t reply to the email about your refund, you won’t get it.
  2. Chelsea does not promise to get tickets for exactly where we ask, so you might ask for Shed Upper and get Shed Lower, or another part of the stand, we have no control of that.
  3. Supporters Clubs have a limited allocation of tickets for all the supporters clubs around the world. As a platinum club we have our requests fulfilled before the Gold and Silver clubs. But the allocation is limited. That is why we send them in at the moment they are do, to be at the front of the queue
  4. We have access to home and away tickets for all competitions, except the Champions League away, which is subject to the size of the allocation. If the allocation is below 2000 it will not meet the needs of the away CL Season ticket holders and so we have not access to tickets. The reason we have the access we have is because we are a Platinum club. Gold and silver clubs do not have that kind of access.
  5. Tickets ARE NOT MAILED TO YOU! You will pick them up at Stamford Bridge, or someone else will do that and meet you. Tickets lost in the post cannot be replaced.
  6. If you are found to order a ticket and not have a valid True Blue membership, or order more than one per True Blue membership, your money will be returned to you, less the paypal fees we have had to pay.
  7. Loyalty Points – because of the nature of all of this and the high demand for tickets, many tickets require loyalty points. We are given one concession as international supporters, a cap on loyalty points to 5 for all regular season matches, with the exception of Champions League away Knock out phase, and any Semi Final where 15 are needed, and again the allocation is very small, and we only get those because we are a Platinum club. We have no access to Final tickets of any kind. Loyalty points are set at zero each season. If you get your True Blue membership before the 1st of August you will get 5 loyalty points. You earn Loyalty points by buying and attending matches. 1 for high profile matches, 3 for regular matches, and 5 for lower priority matches like the Carling Cup. You can check your own loyalty points by going to your True Blue account on line, we have no access to that. Loyalty points are not “used up” but you accrue them throughout the season, so at the end of the season a regular member might need 45 for a match. It is a way of leveling the playing field for those of us traveling once a year for one match.
  8. Match days and time will change. It is not unheard of for a match to go from a Saturday 3 pm kick off to a Monday night, or Sunday early. Chelsea has no control on changes to the schedule. And then there is snow and things like that. If you order a ticket and the match is moved and you can’t make it, you have 48 hours to refuse that ticket, and you must email us immediately. Chelsea has to have the ticket as well as our credit card details to make a refund, and it must be done 48 hours before match day. The only exception would be weather or something like that.
  9. We do not plan away travel arrangements. If you are going to Wigan, you are on your own for transport.
  10. Chelsea does not give international supporters access to Cobham. Not for individual trips, not for group trips.
  11. We urge you to check the Chelsea website for info on other events, like Reserve matches, Ladies matches, and other club sponsored events.

For accommodations, please see our “Travelling Resources” page!