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Membership for 2024-25 is now available!

Chelsea in America is a coalition of five (5) Regional Platinum-level supporter clubs and more than 50 Official Supporter Clubs across the USA. Our five regional Platinum-level supporter clubs -- American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree CA, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast -- adhere to the requirements set forth by Chelsea FC to maintain exclusive ticket access for home and away matches each season. For the 24/25 season, this exclusive ticket access will be achieved once each regional Platinum-level supporter club reaches 50 members with Chelsea FC Ticketing and Chelsea in America memberships. The deadline to achieve this threshold is June 28. Please act quickly to ensure your regional supporter club retains its Platinum status.

As a member of one of our 5 Regional Platinum-level supporter clubs, you receive this exclusive ticket access assuming you meet the necessary membership requirements. Here's what you'll need:

  • A Chelsea Ticketing Membership

  • A Chelsea in America Membership

  • Added to your regional Platinum-level supporter club's ticketing roster

    • (American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree CA, Mid-Atlantic, or Southeast Blues)


Membership is exclusively for U.S.-based supporters. We will not accept memberships from international supporters. Chelsea in America reserves the right to validate or verify member information for accuracy and alignment with Chelsea in America club policies and policies outlined by Chelsea Football Club for supporter clubs and associated members. Failure to do so may temporarily or permanently impact access to membership and associated benefits. If you are unsure if you meet membership criteria, contact

2024/25 Membership Purchase/Renewal Process

Step 1: Purchase or renew your Chelsea FC Ticketing membership.

The cost of the Ticketing membership is £40.00 (roughly $50.00).

This membership ensures you have the appropriate ticketing membership with Chelsea and have the correct membership information to provide Chelsea in America. You can purchase this membership by clicking the “Purchase/Renew Chelsea Ticketing Membership” button at the top of this page. Membership generally remains open until December.

Tip: Purchase this membership by July 19 4 pm GMT to receive 5 critical Loyalty Points that may be needed for future ticket purchases. Not familiar with Loyalty Points? Check out our Ticketing Guide.

Step 2: Purchase or renew your Chelsea in America membership.

This membership, paired with the Chelsea FC Ticketing membership, ensures Chelsea in America can appropriately add you to the ticketing roster of your regional Platinum-level supporter club. You can purchase this membership by clicking the “Purchase/Renew Chelsea in America membership” button at the top of this page. Membership generally remains open until December and aligns with the deadlines of Chelsea’s Ticketing membership.


  • Individual: $10.00

  • Duo: $20.00

  • 1 Adult + 1 Child: $15.00

  • Family (2 Adult + 4 Child): $30.00

  • Please note: These membership prices are “early bird” rates and will expire on July 15, 2024. After that time, renewal membership prices will increase.


New Membership

  • Individual: $20.00

  • Duo: $40.00

  • 1 Adult + 1 Child: $25.00

  • Family (2 Adults + 4 Children): $45.00

Members are also welcome to purchase or renew their Chelsea in America membership without purchasing a Chelsea FC Ticketing membership. While you do not get exclusive ticket access with just your Chelsea in America membership, you still receive a variety of benefits including exclusive member contests, early access to US Summer Tour tickets, partner discounts, and more.

NOTE: If you do not follow the process above and purchase your Chelsea in America membership before your Chelsea Ticketing membership, you must contact us so we can confirm your memberships and ticket eligibility. Failure to do so may result in ticket access being denied.

Updating Your Member Information

If your membership information changes after you’ve purchased or renewed your memberships, please contact us with the updated information. This will ensure your membership details are captured correctly and match your assigned regional Platinum-level supporter club.

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