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• Platinum Members only with current CIA and CFC Ticketing (the old True Blue) memberships. Platinum members must used protected password.

• TICKET DEADLINES ARE 6-8 "WEEKS" BEFORE Premier League matches. Ticket windows can be very short for Cup matches as they occur very quickly after the draw.  Check back often and plan ahead.

• Purchaser is responsible for having correct number of required loyalty points

• On occasion, demand exceeds Supporters Club allotment.  When this occurs, Chelsea issues a % of the # of tickets ordered.  If we are not given our full order, priority order is based on length of continuous CIA and True Blue membership.  (Example: A Platinum member of 6 years will be listed ahead of a first time member).

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America are subject to the rules and conditions established by Chelsea for their Official Supporters Groups, of which you are a member.  When Chelsea has more orders than tickets available, they revert to a percentage fulfillment and require each Official Supporters Club to prioritize ticket issuance.  


When required to prioritize tickets due over-subscription for a particular match, priority is established based on length of "continuous" CIA and True Blue membership.


Tickets purchased through Chelsea in America, as part of our service to the Official Supporters Clubs, are not guaranteed until issued by Chelsea.  Chelsea encourages supporters to not make firm plans until tickets have been confirmed. 


Yes, we understand waiting to book flights may not be a realistic alternative but it is the Chelsea "official" position.  In the event Chelsea FC does not issue you a ticket, a full refund for the cost of the ticket is provided to you by Chelsea in America.


We strongly encourage members to maintain continuous CIA and True Blue 'Platinum' membership to retain the highest possible place in the Chelsea in America ticket queue.

August 2018:  Any August big games requiring loyalty points (the Big 5 or any local away derby's) use the prior season's Loyalty Point totals.  So if you plan to go in August to a 'big match' then you need to build loyalty points now.  Matches from September 1, loyalty points reset for the new year; they do not carryover from the previous season.

Loyalty points build up throughout a season.  When you purchase tickets they continue to build.  They do not decrease for using them.   BUT, loyalty points go back to zero each season and you begin building again starting with True Blue membership prior to late July.

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