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Here are a few trips for your trip to the UK and to see Chelsea:

• Getting Around London

• Credit Cards

• Electric Adapters

• Hotels

• Getting To Stamford Bridge

• Stadium Tour

• Pre-Game/Post-Game

• London Things To Do

• Away Games

• Travelling to Away Game

Getting Around London:


Transport - The Tube and Double-Decker Buses


London Transit is an affordable and easy way to get around and see the town.  With a bit of pre-planning you can get almost anywhere without needing a car or using taxi's (both expensive.)

1) Download the LTA web site here.

2) You can use your chip cards for contactless payments on LTA without the need of an Oyster card.

3) From Heathrow: It is 45 min/£5.70 on the tube to Earl's Court. You then can begin taking a variety of options from Earl's Court and beyond. Or, you can take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, which is just 15 minutes for £25 each.  The other immediate option is Gatwick, which is a smaller area airport but much more expensive and complicated commute into the city.

4) Most of the London tube system shuts down just after midnight.  You can still get the night buses and taxis.

• Taxis are plentiful, safe and expensive. Ride share is currently allowed, but also expensive.

• For cars, there are few places to park and traffic is terrible. Many "zone" fees for driving within the City that get quietly charged to your rental and will be awaiting you when you leave. If you are traveling outside London, it is fairly easy to drive once you get out of the city.  Recommend waiting to get your car until you need it.

• Heathrow Immigration has greatly improved for US travelers with dedicated e-gates upon arrival. You'll likely be through long before your bags come out (which can take an hour). Then allow an hour into the City. So if you are trying to arrive and get to Stamford Bridge on the same day, we strongly suggest allowing 3 hours (or more depending on your hotel location) in your planning.

Credit cards:

1) Let your card companies know you are traveling so they don't block your first charge.

2) VISA or MASTERCARD at bars and restaurants.  Most hotels take AMEX, but many pubs/shops do not.

3) ATM Card must have a FOUR DIGIT password to work.

4) Most payments at bars/restaurants can be made using contactless. Apple Pay or equivalent will save you time and from having to sign receipts. You can go an entire trip without needing cash.

Electric Adapters:

Pick up two UK adapter before you travel to make life easy.  USA voltage is 120, UK voltage is 240. Ensure your devices are dual-voltage before you leave (many are.)

Phone Battery:

Using your phone for social media, photos and maps can drain batteries quickly. Pick up a mobile battery before your trip.


Beside the two hotels at Stamford Bridge (Millenium and Copethorne), there are countless options in the two mile area around Earl's Court and Gloucester tube stops. You have both modern US type options with big beds, and smaller boutique UK hotels that tend to be small rooms. AirBnb is also an option being an upscale area.

While many love staying near Stamford Bridge, Fulham evenings are a bit sleepy. Most pubs and restaurants close at 12am. Central London is 'much livelier' at night, so don't shy area from staying in other areas and using the tube/buses to get to The Bridge as needed.

Getting To Stamford Bridge:

• The bus drops literally at the Chelsea Football Club stop on Fulham Road via the 14 or night time 414. Other options include buses going down Kings Road just two blocks away.  

• Fulham Broadway is the closest tube stop off the District Line. ** It's a one block walk on Fulham Road. 

• West Brompton is also close off the District Line ** and the London Overground.  West Brompton is a 1 mile walk either through or around the cemetery.

• Earl's Court is the major hub nearby at just over 1 mile/pleasant 20 min walk if you desire.  

** - To reach Fulham Broadway or West Brompton on the District Line from city centre, you must be on the District train headed toward Wimbledon.  The District Line has several tentacles so pay attention.  If you happen to be on the wrong line, all District Line trains pass through Earl's Court and you can change for free.

• Check TFL updates on potential closures for bus/tube stations around Stamford Bridge. A few times a year, they are not operating due to constructions or holiday closures.

Stadium Tour:


Very much worth it, and one option also includes the Museum. For parties of 4+ we recommend the private tour, which provides a relaxed, customized experience with a private guide and lunch at Frankie's Bar outside the Shed entrance afterwards.


See our PUB GUIDE.

London Things To Do: 

London is one of the most historic cities in the world. From Parliament and the London Eye, to the Tower of London/London Bridge, from Leicester Square theater district, China Town and the Covent Garden. Walk and bus as much as you can.


Also consider trips just out of London to Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Oxford or Cambridge.

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.  Enjoy the great food from virtually any area of the world. You have countless top level theater options. And the beer is fantastic - cask ales and Guinness are just two of the offerings you cannot get back home.


Inside tips: Perhaps grab a pint at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, off Fleet Street near St. Paul's Cathedral. 'Rebuilt' in 1666 after the Great Fire, this pub stretches three levels downstairs and was regularly frequented by Charles Dickens.  It's on a side street off Fleet Street so use the GPS.


Unique pub crawl: Just a few tube stops from Stamford Bridge, we highly recommend an excellent historic pub crawl along the Thames (near the Hammersmith station). The Blue Anchor, The Rutland, The Dover, The Old Ship and The Black Lion all within a couple blocks. This crawl was suggested by Chris Axon and is an outstanding collection of pubs built in the 1700's along the river.  You may even see the Cambridge and Oxford crew squads training. The Fuller's Brewery is also nearby, but reservations are required.

A popular new destination has been Richmond, of "Ted Lasso" fame. Richmond can be accessed by tube & bus, and is a quiet, wealthy community located near Twickenham. For fans of the show, the pub, green, and alley with shops are all real. There are pubs and shops located along the river for those wanting to walk.

Away Matches: 

There is usually one or two pubs in the area designated for away supporters. If unsure, ask us beforehand and we will help track down an answer. 


We do not recommend wearing Chelsea colors to any away matches. Dress warm, comfortable and stylish to fit in.


For certain matches, like Tottenham at White Hart Lane, be prepared to walk a bit to a tube station further away in order to avoid heckling, crowd trouble, and policing actions. Even the Chelsea UK supporters will drink and walk a few stations away (20+ minutes) at White Hart Lane. 


Having said all this, away matches are spectacular as you are part of the Chelsea hardcore supporters who make us one of the best traveling clubs in the country.  

Traveling to Away Matches: 


Trains are much easier than flights and cars in most cases. Most CFC supporters take trains. As an example, a train from Euston Station to Liverpool takes as little as 2:15 while driving is closer to 4 hours. Be adventurous if you have the time. Make sure to book train fares early as prices rise quickly when fixtures are announced and bookings increase. The most popular times bookending match kickoff/end times will be the most expensive fares, and the first to sell out.


Do your research. Once your arrive to an away city most will be local buses or local trains to get you close to the away grounds once you get to the away train station.  The UK does public transportation pretty well.

The club also offers select coach bus service to away matches throughout the season for a nominal fee.

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