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2018-19 Membership Now Open

Membership to both Chelsea in America and Chelsea's True Blue program are now open for 2018-19.

You can join, or renew, your membership to support the Chelsea supporter groups efforts in 30+ cities, participate in club giveaways, summer tour access (when CFC comes to the US) and

TRUE BLUE MEMBERSHIP: To sign up or renew Chelsea FC's True Blue program, go to the Chelsea web page here.

CIA MEMBERSHIP: To sign up or renew for Chelsea in America, Sign up your local membership via the Chelsea in America web page here. Payment of dues accepted using your credit card (processed securely via Paypal). Membership dues remain the same for 2018-19.

PLATINUM LEVEL TO ACCESS TICKETS: You must have both CIA and True Blue membership to have access to Chelsea tickets in the UK through your regional supporter group. We refer to members with both memberships at 'Platinum Members'.

We STRONGLY suggest maintaining 'Platinum Member status with both memberships in order to keep your personal 'place in the queue' for ticket orders. CIA prioritizes ticket orders in order of members having continuously maintained their 'Platinum' status. A higher place in the queue can be critical for big matches when world-wide supporter club orders exceed ticket allocation. It's worth approximately $50 per year to stay at the front of the 'queue.'

REGION PLATINUM STATUS requires 50 members have both CIA and CFC True Blue Memberships. Only 32 clubs world-wide qualify so the race is on to qualify by May 31. JOIN TODAY and help your region and yourself.

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