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CIA Joins #ChelseaTogether Campaign


Chelsea in America are proud to participate in the launch of Chelsea Together – the Chelsea fan community standing together against racism and intolerance.

This is the coming together of Ten Chelsea fan groups, and fan-run media outlets, to oppose all forms of discrimination in and around our club.

These groups have come together, following recent unacceptable incidents including the use of the 'Y-word' and other racist language, to further very simple aims, as set out in our mission statement:

'We are Chelsea Together. We are fans united by a desire to end all forms of discrimination in and around Chelsea Football Club. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability: we are Chelsea; and we are together.'

We have taken this action without any involvement from Chelsea Football Club, or the football authorities. We are all passionate about Chelsea; and we all believe that all games should be open to all people of all backgrounds and all beliefs.

It is unacceptable that anyone should feel they are in any way marginalised as a Chelsea fan, or fearful of attending games, because of discrimination they encounter against what they believe, or the way they were born.

We want the use of all racist and discriminatory language – including, for the avoidance of doubt the 'Y-word' – to end immediately at Chelsea, regardless of what happens at other clubs. Even if it is not calculated to be racist, that does not make it any less offensive or hurtful, and it is time for it to stop.

That's why we have all signed-up to a pledge to promote inclusivity within and around our club, and to use our combined influence within our fanbase to promote our shared aims.

We invite other Chelsea fan groups to join Chelsea Together. But from fans themselves, the action we would like to see is very simple: support our club; get behind our team; and refrain from using any words or behaviour that might be perceived to discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability.

We are Chelsea; and we are together.

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Update: Chelsea FC later responded to the launch of 'Chelsea Together'

Art courtesy Gary Atkins, San Diego Blues.

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