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Chelsea Pitch Owners Contest - Free Member Entry

Chelsea in America is proud to support the Chelsea Pitch Owners program that ensure Chelsea FC stay at Stamford Bridge.

Would you like to own a voting share of the CPO?

We're raffling off 5 shares, one per supporter group, for free to CIA members.

Here's how you enter:

• Must be current CIA member to win.

• Contest ends at final whistle of the Newcastle match on October 19th.

• Fill out the entry form.


It's free.

The Chelsea Pitch Owners own the freehold of the group that Stamford Bridge sits on (thus the club can't sell) and the name Chelsea FC (thus the club can't move). CPO needs membership purchases to continue paying Chelsea the agreed upon annual fee. Your support guarantees the future of Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge.

To learn more about the Chelsea Pitch Owners and to by your own share, go here. You can even arrange to have your share presented on the pitch game day to selected matches!

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