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We're ALL Chelsea FC Official Supporter Groups

Today was a bold day for our Chelsea in America local chapters as Chelsea FC launched all our groups as 'Official Chelsea Supporter Groups.'

We appreciate Chelsea FC working with us to ensure that all our local chapters could participate as Official Supporter Groups while also enabling our five Platinum Supporter Groups (American Heartland, American Southwest, Carefree CA, Mid Atlantic and Southeast) to continue to offer the highest level of Chelsea benefits -- including ticket access home and away -- to our nearly 2,000 members throughout the US.

Our local groups are now all recognized by Chelsea which includes listing on the CFC web site, a web page, a location and pin and participation in Chelsea distribution of free gear and contests to groups as they reach 20, 100 and 500 members in size.

Our five Platinum groups still represent all our local chapters on a more national basis and have the highest level o Chelsea FC membership.

Chelsea supporters, whether current CIA members or not, are invited to join both their local group and the Platinum group in their area for FREE. Supporters are allowed to JOIN up to two clubs. By doing so, you'll personally gain access to Chelsea info and enable your supporter groups to move up the Chelsea FC supporter benefits list.

To view all the Chelsea FC Official Supporter Groups, including our many chapters, go to the Chelsea Supporter Group page HERE.

Chelsea in America is a coalition of five Official Platinum Supporter Groups and 35+ Local Official Supporter Groups working together to bring Chelsea FC to supporters accros the US since 2004.

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