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CIA/CFC Membership Has It's Privileges

Membership to both Chelsea in America and Chelsea FC provides a comprehensive array benefits. This includes, as posted by our member above, access to AWAY tickets.

All five of our CIA ticketing level supporter groups (American Heartland, American Southwest, Carefree California, Mid Atlantic and Southeast Blues) are Platinum level groups. Platinum level groups can assist members with home and away ticket ordering.

No other Premier League club offers it's supporters this level access.

Current season membership (2019/20) will close for CIA on December 15 ... and CFC will close their's sometime in mid-December.

Next seasons membership will open approximately May 1.

TICKETING NOTE FOR REMAINDER OF SEASON: If you are looking to go to a match 'THIS' season, please remember that a variety of Chelsea FC policies impact matches from January 1 onward:

• 10 loyalty points are required for big club, local away derby and other key matches the from January 1 onward.

The following will require 10 loyalty points:

- Home v Arsenal, Man U, Tottenham, Man City and the final match vs Wolves.

- Away v West Ham, Crystal Palace and Liverpool.

- Most likely any Champions League home or away knock out rounds & FA Cup rounds depending on opponent.

No tickets are available away to Bournemouth due to their very small ground.

That leaves at least 3 home matches, 3 away matches, and some FA Cup matches this season with no loyalty point requirement.

• Ticket deadlines for Supporter Clubs occur approximately 60 days before home and 45 days before away dates. Cup and Champions League dates are scheduled on short notice and may have a one day ticket window once information is provided. To see the upcoming deadlines, go here.

• Adding more loyalty points this season: At this point, it is very very unlikely a member with 0 points would be able to accumulate 10 points in time to buy tickets for the rest of the season. For more info on how Chelsea's loyalty point system works, go here.

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