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Platinum Members: EPL Tixs Available Thru Rest of Season

Members with both CIA and CFC memberships can now place orders for all EPL matches through the end of the season.

Keep in mind:

• Many require 10 loyalty points

• The Man U match may still move a week. To be announced after the closing date of December 15. You will be given a chance to cancel if new weekend does not work. Chelsea requires our orders at same time those changes will be announced. Awkward.

• TV changes will occur on a tighter basis as the season goes. You will receive an opportunity to cancel if a date change no longer works for you.

Lastly, pending our advancement in the Champions League or falling back into the Europa League, those tickets will be posted as CFC updates ups with specifics. Anticipate very short order periods and potential for 10 loyalty points to purchase.

UPDATE DEC 11: We have just adjusted prices UP to account for what may be as much as a 14% change in the exchange rate; the £ may reach $1.38. OUCH. For purchases already made, we do require members to cover the difference once Chelsea gives us a final price before we can confirm your ticket. We're just the middle man.. not a brokerage. Cross fingers this can get back to $1.21 per £ like it was just 4 weeks ago.

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