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CIA 2019-20 - Good Year and More To Come

With the close of our 2019-20 membership window, we'd like to congratulate Sarah Dressler, of Stumptown Blues/Carefree California, on winning a new home jersey for being the 'lucky' record breaking CIA member when she joined on Friday morning.

In total, CIA's 5 platinum supporter groups and 38 local groups now serve a single season record 1,854 members.... a record set in a non-summer tour season.

More 'member only contests coming: Thanks to our friend's at Yokohama, they kindly enabled CIA to conduct upcoming 'members only' contests for new jerseys in each of the remaining six months this season. With each contest, we will be selecting five lucky winners.

And, of course, we await word on a potential Chelsea US summer tour. It been nearly four years so we are hopeful that we will be organizing tour events and tickets for our members this summer.

Est in 2004, CIA is a non-profit coalition of many US supporter groups sharing services and member functions to bring Chelsea supporters together and assist members attend CFC games in Europe and on summer tour.

In Frank We Trust!

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