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Members At The Bridge

Last week, members of the American Heartland Blues and Carefree California were at Stamford Bridge for the match v Arsenal. They were able to access their tickets via the Chelsea Supporters Group scheme.

In order to gain this incredible access, a member must:

• Have a Chelsea Ticketing Membership (£28, formerly called 'True Blue') from Chelsea

• Join one of the five Platinum Level Official Supporter Groups that are part of our Chelsea in America Coalition. You can join one of these groups via the shared Chelsea in America platform.

• We link your account and you are able to order via your Official Supporter Group.

The five Platinum Level Official Chelsea Supporter Groups that belong to our coalition are: American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree California, Mid Atlantic and Southeast Blues.

Membership for 2020-21 will open again in May for both Chelsea Ticketing and your local Official Chelsea Supporter Group.

Below are photos of our members from the Arsenal match of January 21st. The circle shows the location of members in the Shed End. The second photo is the location of other members in the Shed End that night. Incredible seats/experiences.

To find your local groups, visit the CIA club page here.

Chelsea in America is a coalition of 5 Platinum Level Official Supporter Groups and 38 local Official Chelsea Supporter Groups. We work together to bring Chelsea supporters together, aid with ticketing and organize summer tour events when Chelsea pre-season train in the US. You can join your appropriate official supporter groups via their shared Chelsea in America web site.

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