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Free Chelsea E-Books From Gate 17

Looking for some quarantine reading? Bone up on your Chelsea history?

For a very limited time, our friend Mark Worrall, of Gate 17, are offering a variety of 'free' e-book downloads from their Chelsea library.

Available today (May 14 until 11:59pm PT) is OVER LAND AND SEE, chronicling the 03-04 chase for Champions League adventures

To take advantage of this offer:

• Go to to this AMAZON page (or click the book cover on left),

• Choose KINDLE

• Choose BUY (it's free)

• You will need a free user account.

• The book will then download to the device you are using.

Additional e-book available:

Chelsea in America thanks Mark Worrall, a long time honorary CIA member, and Gate 17 for making these books available to all Chelsea supporters during these interesting times.

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