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Next Season Update - Waiting...

A number of members have sent messages of inquiry this week re: 'what are we doing for 2020-21 memberships?' So here's an update.

We, like the rest of the world, are in a holding pattern. The current season has to end. The next season has to be sorted and then we must received 2020-21 season information from Chelsea FC before we can present information.

Since the league shut down mid-March, nothing has really moved forward other than the expected summer tour was cancelled.

So, that's your 'Captain Obvious' update.

Having said all that, your CIA Board have met and continue to plan for next season given the information we have. Key to opening registration will be an update from Chelsea FC as to the group requirements. They do occasionally make some tweaks.

As soon as we have info, we will notify all members.

Our 'anticipation' is that membership will open and occur 'very quickly'. Given the current economic issues across the country, the CIA Board recently met (photo below) and does anticipate offering a very deep discount for 'early renewals.' It's your money and, since there was yet again no summer tour, we should be in a a unique position to offer this for next season.

We look forward to the day each of our 43 coalition member Official Chelsea Supporter Groups can gather on a match day. Some pubs may have to change but we'll still all be 'Chelsea'.

Until then, stay safe. Protect and respect each other.

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High

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