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Chelsea Pitch Owners - Buy A Share

Chelsea Pitch Owners - Support the CPO and buy a share for yourself. Become a part owner of Stamford Bridge

Message from @pitchowners: The CPO are appealing for Pitch Owners to encourage fans to buy a share. You may not be able to go to the Bridge anytime soon but we need shareholders more than ever. Just post an image of you with the share certificate & tag us in on twitter. Thanks so much #buyaCPOshare To learn more: CPO

CPO - What and Why: The CPO has a 199 lease for the physcial ground that Stamford Bridge sits upon PLUS the name Chelsea. This was set up in 1997 to ensure that Chelsea FC could not relocate without approval of the fans.

The CPO does owe Chelsea an annual lease payment that must be funded through sale of CPO shares.

When you purchase a share, you do become a voting member of the CPO and part of the control of Chelsea FC.

Buy A Share: The price to purchase a share was lowered to as low as £30 per share. They also offer an opportunity to have your share presented on the pitch during warm ups by a Chelsea player.

CIA strongly encourages our members to support the CPO and purchase your own piece of Stamford Bridge & Chelsea FC.

Makes a great keepsake, birthday gift or just a way to be part of Chelsea FC.

We do plan to do our annual CPO contest that rewards five CIA members with a share again this fall.

To learn more, visit the Chelsea Pitch Owners website here.

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