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Club Pub Updates

Just 4 days to the start of the season, so time to check on member club pubs.

Shed End Seattle has shifted to TLD Bar and Grill, 309 N. 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

Very cool sports bar with roll up windows for fresh air and a large outdoor patio with viewing.

• Our newest member group, Rocket City Blues are relocating to The Poppy and Parliament.

A traditional British pub that opened in 2019 for supporters in Huntsville, Alabama.

• The Twin Cities Blues should be at home when the season starts despite the needless damage that was done to their great location, Brit's Pub, last week in Minneapolis.

• The pub has posted on social media that they are working with a professional restoration firm and should be on quickly.

COVID19 REMINDER: Due to the varying pandemic restrictions around the country, we strongly suggest checking with your local club as to match day locations as we begin the season. Social media is the best way to follow week to week. You can find each club's social media links on this web site CLUBS listings.

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