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2022-23 Membership Opens July 4

Chelsea in America AND Chelsea FC membership for next season will open on July 4th.

CFC announced that 2022-23 membership will open on July 4 and CIA will match that date (within a few hours on July 4).

• 2022-23 CIA membership price remains the same as this year and the pre-pandemic 2019-20 season.

• Early Renewal Discount: 2021-22 CIA members are eligible for the $10 individual early bird renewal price through the month of July.

CIA membership ($10 early renewal) includes all the member updates, the contests (we gave away over 300 prizes from CPO shares to jerseys this season) and supports our non-profit social group efforts & operating expenses. Yes, we do file taxes, buy prizes, have bills for banking, a website and even this email service + summer tour costs.

CFC Membership REMINDER: For the 52% of you that are 'Platinum' level members with both CFC ticketing and CIA memberships, be sure to do your CFC membership FIRST and do so promptly so you get the 5 loyalty points that can be critical to purchase 'big match' tickets. Then renew your CIA membership and include the 8-digit CFC membership #.

CFC membership, when combined with CIA membership, is the way to access match tickets. Period. Not sure you are going over this coming season, we still recommend as having both keeps your place in the queue should a future match you want to attend be high demand.


• The turn around for ticket orders to attend August matches will be established by CFC and may be as short as one day. It's not ideal but it is what it is. So watch both the CFC website and your emails from CIA if you at thinking about going over.

• August's BIG MATCHES home vs Tottenham and away to Leeds WILL REQUIRE 10 LOYALTY POINTS FROM LAST SEASON per memo from Chelsea.. You'll need 10 points from 'last season' to purchase a big match in August (and potentially early September) per Chelsea FC policy.

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