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Bayou City Blues Are Back!

March 17, 2021

Like Ossie, Cooke, Le Saux and Drogba, we're always excited welcoming Chelsea family back.

Chelsea in America and the American Southwest Blues Official Supporters Group are pleased to welcome Houston's Bayou City Blues back after 8 seasons on 'loan'. :-)

Founded in 2011, the Bayou City Blues are famous for the supporters passionate support of Chelsea. BCB President/Founder, Jesus Martinez gathers the group match days at King's Court pub.

"On behalf of the Bayou City Blues, I'd like to say that we are beyond excited on rejoining the Chelsea in America family", said Jesus. "The perks that CIA provides are a plus, but the friendships made across the many chapters are what I always enjoy about CIA the most." You can see Jesus' complete statement below.

"The Bayou City Blues are legendary among the Chelsea supporters across the US. While we've continued supporting one another at summer tours for years, we're excited to have them back in the coalition family and look forward to sharing a pint on tour and in London soon," per CIA Club Secretary John Costello.

Bayou City rejoins the Chelsea in America coalition of 45+ Official Chelsea Supporter Groups bringing supporters together and providing supporter assistance across the US.

Bayou City will become a member of the American Southwest Blues family for next season too... along with the Big D North Texas Blues, Central Arkansas Blues, Ft. Worth Blues, OK City Blues, Shed End Dallas, Texas Blues (San Antonio), Tulsa Blues and others from around desert southwest region.

Membership for the 2021-22 season opens soon (usually in May pending info on next seasons post-pandemic policy from Chelsea FC).

Welcome home you Bayou City Blues.

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