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Members Only Contest Closes Oct 1

As is our annual tradition in support of the Chelsea Pitch Owners, the latest 'Members Only' contest is giving away ten CPO shares.


In the 1980s Chelsea FC was under threat from property developers who wanted to change Stamford Bridge into a housing development, which would have meant that the club would have to find a new home, possibly sharing with another club.

This was strongly opposed by the then Chairman of the club, Ken Bates, who eventually obtained the freehold in the ground in the early 1990s. In order to ensure that we never again had the threat of being evicted from our ground, the club decided to set up CPO to guard against it, by selling shares to ordinary fans. The club loaned CPO the money to pay for the freehold, and we are duty bound to repay this to the club. CPO lease the ground to the club for a period of 199 years starting in 1997.

The structure of CPO is such that no one person can unduly influence the company, and in the event of the club wishing to move, they either have to surrender the name Chelsea FC to CPO, or to obtain our permission to do so. The CPO actually prevented Roman & Bruce Buck in their late 2000's attempt to move the club to a new location of their choice.

CIA is again (our/your annual investment in the future of Chelsea FC) offering TEN shares of the Chelsea Pitch Owners. A £110 value per share awarded.

But you must enter to be eligible. It's free to enter!

Deadline to enter is final whistle vs Crystal Palace on October 1st .

Members, check your email for the entry link as the contest is only open to active 2022-23 members.


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