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Platinum x 5 - Tix Status Secured

Pleased to note that all five CIA coalition member Platinum level Official Supporter Groups have successfully renewed for the 2022-23 season at the highest level..... given a very very short 8 day window to achieve that due to the delays in ownership change.

Well done to members of American Heartland, American Southwest Blues, Carefree California (west coast), Mid Atlantic Blues and Southeast Blues for taking care of each other by doing their membership without delay.

Next up for everyone: Road trip to London!

Not joined yet? Membership remains open for both Chelsea FC and your local group via the Chelsea in America website. Learn more and links to both options HERE.

Key dates:

• July 22: Join CFC membership by then to get valuable 5 loyalty points needed for 'high demand' matches.

• July 28: Renewal discount deadline day for CIA.


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