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Summer Tour and 2023 Membership

June 6, 2022

Still waiting:

Summer Tour tickets are available directly from the promoters of each game at Ticketmaster.

Chelsea sections to try to be near:

Las Vegas: Sections 101, 102, 144

Charlotte: Sections 101-103 & 140

Orlando: Sections 120-122

• Group ticket distribution for all the sites coming in next two weeks. We have received the tickets and begun sorting how to distribute to accommodate as many 'seat me with' requests as reasonably possible.

Tickets are electronic (the modern way) and will require you to 'accept' them in the appropriate phone app.

• Summer Tour events are still in the planning stage. Here's what we know:

Los Angeles area:

Monday, July 11: Public training session at UCLA through CFC

Tuesday, July 12: CFC event for area supporters groups TBD

Las Vegas:

Friday, July 15:

Public training session through CFC

Las Vegas Blues/Carefree CA hosting 'tour stop pub' at Ri Ra between Mandalay Bay and Luxor

CFC event open to all that evening; specifics TBD

Saturday, July 16:

LV Blues/Carefree CA 'Spy on a Stool' event pre-game at Ri Ra

Ri Ra is host gathering pub; quick walk to Raiders football stadium

Chelsea v Club America at Raiders Stadium; kickoff TBD


Tuesday, July 19:

Queen City Blues/SE Blues hosting tour stop; due to size now at Ri Ra Charlotte (near stadium)

CFC event open to all that evening, specifics TBD

Wednesday, July 20:

Queen City Blues/SE Blues 'Spy on a Stool' event pre-game at Ri Ra

Ri Ra is host gathering pub; quick walk to BB&T stadium for game

Chelsea v Charlotte FC at BB&T stadium; kickoff TBD

NOTE: Due to size of crowds and be Charlotte FC home pub, Courtyard Hooligans will not be the host pub this tour.


Friday, July 22

Orlando Blues hosting tour stop at Celt and Harp Pub; more details to follow

CFC event open to all that evening, specifics TBD

Saturday, July 23

Orlando Blues 'Spy on a Stool' event pre-game at stadium tailgate area TBD

This event on stadium site due to distance of commute to the stadium from the pub

Pre-game supporters gathering will be at designated stadium tailgate area.

Chelsea v Arsenal at Camping World Stadium; kickoff TBD

• 2022-23 Membership:

Still waiting for Chelsea to open their membership program so members can do it side x side and save steps. Should be coming soon but you can imagine how the ownership change needs to get set up with banking and approval of prior planned activities.

As we lock down more specifics, we will update.


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